Waveform 11 and VST3 IInfoListener:: setChannelContextInfos() not working

Hi Guys,

I can see the query interface for IInfoListener coming from Waveform 11, this all works fine.

setChannelContextInfos() is never called though so the channel info is not being set.

I know the Juce guys also work on Waveform so I am a bit surprised by this, does anyone have any info about this?



I know the Juce guys also work on Waveform

Although we have some shared origins the two projects are separate. However, the Waveform devs are also active on this forum, so they might see this post. If not, it would be best to contact Tracktion directly.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the info.

The ContextName for AUs is also not set.

I downloaded version 12 and it is the same there.

“Console One” also gets no info from Waveform so I guess they just haven’t implemented it at all.



To the best of my knowledge we haven’t gotten around to implementing that yet.

You can double check the Tracktion Engine source if you like: tracktion_engine/tracktion_ExternalPlugin.cpp at develop · Tracktion/tracktion_engine · GitHub

Hi Dave,

Super, thanks for the info.

I did’t realise that the engine code was on GitHub, I will take a look…