Waveform replays the recording with a different preset sound

Hi all, I’ve been using Waveform (the Free version yet…) and I’ve some issue with assigning a sound preset to the recording. When I record somethin with a selected preset, Waveform replays the clip with a different preset sound, instead of what I used for recording. The replay uses usually the first preset within the preset group of the VST. Also, when I try to correct it, by inserting a program change for the clip (that is assigning a different preset, instead of what the DAW uses), Waveform offers a completely different preset list, than what the actual VST uses. It happens only with certain VSTs (like Cherry Audio snyths, Dexed, etc.), but I couldn’t find any solution for this yet. If anyone has met a similar issue, could you help what can I do to get through it?

Thank you a lot.

I’m not sure how you ended up here but this is the forum for the JUCE framework.
I think you’re looking for Waveform support: https://www.tracktion.com/ (the support button is in the bottom-left).

OK, thank you for the feedback and the information.