Waves plugins again

Building with Xcode 12.2, now the UI is upside down:
Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7
iMac late 2013, i5 Proc

AU doesn’t show a GUI

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Upside down, that’s a new one! :upside_down_face:


Although I see that it’s annoying for you, this is really one of the funniest GUI bugs I‘ve seen in a while :grin:

IIRC Waves uses Metal for GUI rendering on macOS since the release of V12. In case this is a V12 plugin, could this be related? Did you check if the behavior changes when using the same plugin from the V11 release?

Maybe those particular buttons were developed from the Southern Hemisphere?


A possible fix would be to rotate your monitor, maybe you could suggest this to your users.
Sorry, I couldn’t resist :partying_face:

Edit: but hey, it’s not just upside down, it’s also mirrored!

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I know they do some specific things based on the value of DTSDKName in your plist of your app. With some specific hacks for Luna and Fruity Loops(by walking the disassembly!). Has to do with flipping the png texture in their shader. Hope that helps

I have experienced mirrored GUIs when testing plugins under Windows 10 in VirtualBox. Apparently VirtualBox doesn’t like OpenGL.