not audiowaves, or even ocean waves, just a polite hello wave. it’s always disappointing to see no new posts in the juce forum, so i thought i’d make one of my own.

hello! i hope that you’re all having success with your projects! everyone keep up the good work.

Yes, it’s been a bit quiet round here this week.

I’ve been hard at work on the Jucer recently, which I must say is looking *really" cool. Originally I was just going to keep it simple, and let you slap components into a parent comp, but have got a bit carried away, and now it also lets you edit the graphics, creating paint methods with shapes, gradients, images, etc.

Should hopefully have an early version out next week sometime, and I’m sure that’ll get some forum activity going!

ooh, that does sound exciting :slight_smile: i’ve been looking forward to that, and have come close to starting to build something like it myself (especially having done loads of ‘make your own panel’ stuff in my uni project). I never can be totally arsed though, especially knowing that you’re working on something that will be infinitely better anyway!

whatever you’re up to, do it faster! :wink:

very interesting… i’m hoping we can get our dirty hands on it soon :D… will it be released with the sources ? i’m at a good stage with AngelJuice, which is a IDE with scripting support in which you can write easily in a C++ style some of the beautiful goodness juce is bringing to us, mainly focused on core and fast component develop (when u need to try and debug graphics algorythms, automate file handling and urls parsing, connect to a databases, write simple components without launching a fully bloated compiler with millions year compiling time…). and it’s still in planning stage. Actually a fusion between the Jucer and AngelJuice could lead to a very interesting complete ide for making fast app prototyping… what u think ?

sounds interesting - I’d like to have a go when it’s ready so I can get my head around the idea a bit more.

The Jucer’s coming along very quickly at the moment, so should be something to release next week. It’ll be open-source, of course, so you could extend it to edit your own custom components if necessary. I’ll probably include it in the juce tree, like the juce demo, so it’ll be easily available.

sure you’ll be the first (you and andreas @ angelcode) that will gets hands on angeljuice. this is somewhat a grateful thanx to the guys that have turn this into reality ! and a help for tired smart coderz out there…
actually when i started the project i was supposed to call it angeljucer, but since you are releasing the jucer, i moved along with angeljuice instead… so people will not be confused with the name clash…

oh dear, looks like we’re into another week! hurry jules! :wink:

no, it’s done!.. phew! Had a few last-minute delays writing classes to support MDI windows…