Way to absorb title-bar events when CallOutBox shown via ent

When a CallOutBox is shown via enterModalState() instead of runModalLoop(), the title bar of the parent component/window seems to still receive events (I can click on the minimize and destroy icons in the title bar, and also click on the title bar and drag the window around my screen). Such events don’t seem to make it to the title bar when runModalLoop() is used. Is there a way to have these events absorbed when using enterModalState(), so that a user cannot interact with the application’s title bar when a CallOutBox is shown?

Or alternatively can the CallOutBox be made to move with the parent window, such that it is always pointed at its component?

I’m using version 1.53.107

Thanks for any information.

OSX or Windows?

OSX … 10.6.6


There’s nothing much you can do about that on OSX - all apps allow you to drag around the main window when there’s a modal one open, because it’s the OS itself that handles the title bar dragging.

Ok … thanks … good to know.

Are there any methods/classes/etc. to listen-for/detect title bar actions (drag/move, close, minimize)? The goal would be to programmatically move the CallOutBox when the user moves the parent component to which the COB is pointing (when COB launched using enterModalState()). I see Component.moved() does not respond to absolute screen moves.