Weak Looking Serialised Fonts

Hi all, I’m having some difficulties with trying to get a consistent look between platforms for an application. I have managed to successfully serialise and reload a font but the problem is it looks different than when using the standard system font on OSX.

I’ve tracked this down to it probably being drawn with the software renderer when using a CustomTypeface, which makes sense as how can CoreGraphics get a hold of the font otherwise. This does however make the app look a bit ‘stenciled’ and feeble.

[attachment=0]Font Examples.png[/attachment]

How do I get this looking like the system supplied font. I know some people will probably say use a different font but I spent a long time looking for this free one (its called Luzern if anyone is interested) as a cross-platform replacement for Helvetica. It doesn’t have a bold style with it.

What does CoreGraphics do to make fonts look a bit richer that I could possibly emulate? Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Dave.

Try using FreeType to load your font in its native TrueType format and use my code to get the font to come out hinted:


It probably just uses a slightly darker gamma curve for the anti-aliasing. I’ve not got gamma support in the software renderer, I’m afraid, so can’t really do much about that.