WebBrowserComponent invisible if window is setOpaque (false)


I have a working window where a WebBrowserComponent is added to its content component.

Everything works fine apart from the fact that, if I do

setDropShadowEnabled (false); // shadows don't work with transparent windows setOpaque (false); // want a transparent window

in the window constructor, the WebBrowserComponent that once was there, is not visible any more.

How do I solve this?


I’m afraid that to make it work, Microsoft would need to re-write their window transparency system. I don’t think it’s possible to add a normal window to a semi-transparent one in XP (maybe possible in Vista, but probably not)


Considering that I need the transparency for the main window only to have rounded corners, while the rest of the content is actually completely opaque, isn’t there a workaround? if I add a setOpaque component to the window, and I add to that the WebBrowserComponent, do you think it may work?


I think the only workaround would be to have the two windows both on the desktop, and move them around together, like I do for drop-shadows.

I don’t even think you can embed other transparent windows inside transparent ones, the whole implementation is just an absolute bodge.