WebBrowserComponent, JavaScript and asm.js

I’m trying to load a self-contained HTML page that contains JavaScript and asm.js code using the “demo” example. My page does not display and work as expected (texted on OS X). Is it the supposed to work or does the WebBrowserComponent has some kind of limitations?


Does the page load at all? Are all resource loaded via https?

If it’s HTTP, then maybe this post helps - but it’s just a hunch …


I tried both a local page (file://) and http access. In both cases the page loads, but not all its content works. It that any place to look for possible error messages?

On Mac it’s simply using WebKit under the hoods so if it loads in Safari, it really should work in JUCE as well.

We use the WebAudio API in our page, it seems the WebKit component is not supporting it in JUCE?

We don’t have any control over what the Webkit/Safari engine actually does or how it behaves, we simply ask the OS to give us the WebView object, and let it do its stuff…

Is there any developer console log that can be looked to understand what happens?