WebInputStream::getStatusCode() - default value

If I’m offline and do the following :

WebInputStream wis ({ "https://juce.com/" }, false);
int status = wis.getStatusCode();

I got the status code 0, which is not an official status code.
should it be initialized to 404 rather than 0?

But a 404 would imply it is a response from the server.

IMHO you should use WebInputStream::isError() before evaluating the status code, especially as the docs state “Returns the status code returned by the http server.”

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ah yes, that makes sense!

(worth mentioning that WebInputStream::isError() does not call connect() if there is no established connection already (unlike WebInputStream.getStatusCode())

Ah right, forgot about the “convenience connect” in getStatusCode().

So yes, you will have to call connect manually before you can check isError(). Thanks for pointing that out.