WebOS Support

Android support in Juce is great news.

Jules, I don’t suppose you’ve looked at WebOS as well? The new HP/Palm devices are very interesting, and the tech press seems to think they’ll be better competition to Apple than Android even.



Good grief, one platform at a time please! I’m still fighting with Android at the moment!

But with the news this morning that Nokia is going to adopt Windows Mobile, that’s also opening a whole can of worms. WinMo would probably be an easier target for juce because (I think) it’s all c++, whereas WebOS is some kind of javascript-based concoction, isn’t it? (have to admit I’ve never looked into it)

WebOS have a C++ SDK AFAIK

mhhh, not sure, i thought Windows Phone 7 only allows managed languages like c#, and maybe c++/CLI (which is different to c++) …

My link was to an FAQ about C++ in Palm WebOS.

Nokia and Windows? That asinine, they have Qt now.

EDIT - I don’t mean I don’t believe they will do it, it just seems silly. But MS must have some great marketing people.