Weird gui and geometry errors while implementing a circular buffer

hi guys, i am new to JUCE. i have implemented a circular buffer for calculating dynamic threshold for different channels. the buffer is working fine. i made a button for it which changes color when
clicked. It is giving a Segmentation fault due to some weird gui errors, when clicked. the file causing error also changes when i maximize/minmize or change the dimensions of the screen as plugin window is resized.
sometimes there is an affinetransform error, or error in juce_EdgeTable.cpp.

here is the link of traceback and snapshots
need help , can someone suggest anything, maybe changing the button to a checkbox.
or so,

It’s a little difficult to diagnose what’s going on without seeing some code - if it’s the button that’s causing the crash could you post its code?

You mentioned that you are using a circular buffer for audio. You should make sure that you aren’t doing any GUI stuff from the audio thread as that’s a very common cause of errors.


i am not doing any gui stuff from the audio thread, but the error still remains