Welcome to the new forum and JUCE 4.2

All new forum and new features! The main headline features that we’ve pushed are:

  • Added support for AudioUnit v3 on OS X and iOS
  • Simplified the JUCE module format. Removed the json module definition files, and made
    it easier to manually add modules to projects. The format is fully described in the
    document juce/modules/JUCE Module Format.txt
  • iOS project support: added custom resource folders, custom xcassets, app capabilities,
    and screen orientation settings.
  • Deleted the Introjucer… But don’t panic! All of its functionality is now supplied by a
    more open-source version of the Projucer. By refactoring the closed-source LLVM compilation
    code into a DLL, we’ve been able to unify the Introjucer and Projucer into a single
    open-source project. This will allow everyone to compile the Projucer’s IDE themselves, and
    having just one app instead of two will make things a lot less confusing!

Apologies for the false start with the new forum last night - seems that something was broken with the migration to Discourse, and the guys at Discourse.com had to do it again overnight… A few of you (and us!) had posted things that got lost in this process, so please post again if you need to.

One thing that a couple of people griped about was the fact that we’ve had to squash all the changes for 4.2 into a single commit. Yes, obviously that’s not great, and isn’t our policy, and isn’t something we’ve ever done before, and we won’t be doing it again. This was just a special case because behind the scenes we had to deal with some nasty GIT contortions involving hidden projucer branches, and for various reasons couldn’t do what we needed in a way that broke it down into a better list of commits.