What are dev. guide lines on extending Projucer-s GUI editor component handlers?

Hello guys,
is there any plugin-kind-of-way to add new GUI components handlers into Projucer’s GUI Editor - or direct patching & recompilation is the only way at this moment? I would love to upgrade few component handlers with parameters painfully missing there (extras\Projucer\Source\ComponentEditor\Components*Handler.h).

In first experiment to extend Projucer, I’ve introduced hex color paste button - http://blog.veles.rs/juceprojucer-hex-color-paste-patch/

According to Jules in previous posts, there is no intention to put additional work into the Projucer’s GUI-editor. I was looking into that topic myself a few years back.

But currently I am working on a new GUI editor, I actually wanted to announce next week, but here is the link already:

Maybe you want to contribute there instead? :wink:


Nice initiative!
What happens on resize? Will it just grow/shrink in scale or will it reflow the layout, especially when changing the editors aspect ratio?

Thanks :slight_smile:

At the moment it recalculates all flexbox layouts, that are wrapped. But I intend to add e.g. to the Sliders an auto mode, that would switch between LinearHorizontal, LinearVertical and Rotary, if one of its dimension becomes more than 2* the other…

If you have further ideas, let me know. I will make a new post later that day, so we don’t hijack this thread…

EDIT: new thread