What are the units of the frequency of the 4OSC filter [solved]

The 4OSC filter limits are set to be 0 at min and 135 at max. What units are these? Why is 135 the max?

In waveform the units on the filter frequency are Hz and it goes from 8 to like 20000 Hz. I cant seem to wrap my head around why its 0 and 135 here. How can I convert this to Hz?

midi note numbers ?

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Yes, it’s midi note number. To convert to Hz:

        auto getMidiNoteInHertz = [](float noteNumber)
            return 440.0f * std::pow (2.0f, (noteNumber - 69) / 12.0f);

The max is actually 135.076232 which is 20kHz

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awesome thanks guys.