What curve/range settings for a "normal-feeling" audio level slider?

I’m implementing a simple gain slider for an audio plugin (horizontal), but having difficulty achieving operation that “feels normal” In other words, if I use the standard range of 0.0 to 1.0, there’s way too much control of the top part of the audio level.

If I try to use decibels, as in the “Control audio levels using decibels” tutorial, then the slider has way too much control over the lower range of the audio level, and only gets loud at the very far right of the slider.

What kind of curve or settings make a “normal” feeling audio gain slider?

I am displaying a db scale from -96 dB to +12 dB on the slider. And additionally I am setting a slider skew factor of 4 (using Slider::setSkewFactor).
Quite happy with that.

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Thanks! That feels pretty good; I was missing the skew factor…