What does create a binary mean?

One of the challenges of building plug-ins is testing them. Thankfully, JUCE makes that easy, with a built-in plug-in host. To access the host go to extras/AudioPluginHost/ and open the .jucer file with the Projucer. Click Save Project and Open in IDE… . Then inside your IDE build the project to create a binary (which on Mac OS X you will find at extras/AudioPluginHost/Builds/MacOSX/build ).

I am sorry. I am a complete beginner to all of this. What does create a binary mean? Thank you so much!

“Create a binary” means to compile the code into a plugin, or an application. It is the end result of building the code, i.e. a VST or VST3 or AU plugin component, or an .exe or .app.

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Thank you so much for explaining!