What does "start of the edit" mean in the CurrentPositionInfo struct?

Hi all, 


I can get a valid CurrentPositionInfo in my project, but I'm struggling to understand the values I get. A bunch of parameters, like timeInSamples, timeInSeconds, should return values from "the start of the edit". What does that mean? Seems like I just get values from the start of the project, like position 0:0:0 whatever I do. I would take "start of the edit" to mean from the position you started playing/recording at. Like if you start at bar 2 and end at bar 3, you should get the number of samples/seconds from bar 2 and not from bar 1. 



Yeah, it's the start of the project. I guess "edit" is the term we use in tracktion and some other areas to mean the same thing.

alright, thanks!