What function(s) is(are) called when closing and opening UI?

Hi all:

My beta testers found some bugs in my plugin. Bunch of jerks. :wink:

Anyhoo, the most currently vexing is this one: Instantiating the plugin, closing the GUI, then reopening the GUI, causes my slider values to get set to some weird values. The plugin sounds the same as when I closed the GUI, until I adjust one of the sliders - then all the values reset to the weird values as shown.

I am doing my own conversion from real world values to VST/RTAS and back again, as well as implementing my own valueToProportionOfLength() and proportionOfLengthToValue() functions. Both of these are in my slider class. However, the behavior I am seeing makes me think that the wrong values are being passed to these sliders upon initialization.

So, my question is: What function(s) are called to restore the GUI when you close and open the GUI? If I know where to look, debugging will be that much easier.


Sean Costello

Figured out the issue myself. I was using the wrong set function for my slider values in my editor constructor.