What happened to the hasFMA3/4 calls?

They were added but I guess not pushed, as it is now gone from the Master files? Or am I missing something (shame face)

static bool hasFMA3() noexcept;            /**< Returns true if AMD FMA3 instructions are available. */
static bool hasFMA4() noexcept;            /**< Returns true if AMD FMA4 instructions are available. */

Anyone? :frowning: It was in the code before, not sure why it was removed. I did search here and didn’t find who added it, but it was there…

I don’t think it was ever officially added. But a PR was submitted:

Thanks. Is there a way to remember them about this PR? I guess I could create my own Juce module that would do that, but this one was ready and working. :-\

Any news?

Yeah, thank you so much! :slight_smile: