What have been done before AudioEffect::processClassReplacing func?


  Recently , I made a small VST plugin ,and I'm puzzled about one thing. I write some code in the AudioEffect::processClassReplacing like this.

void AudioEffect::processClassReplacing (AEffect* e, float** inputs, float** outputs, VstInt32 sampleFrames)
    AudioEffect* ae = (AudioEffect*)(e->object);

//here I save the samples, I want to check that whther the inSamples equals the original samples or not

    FILE * fp = fopen("E:\\reverb_left_pcm.raw","a+");
    for(int i = 0;i < sampleFrames; i++)
        short fTemp = (short)(inputs[0][i] * 32767.0f); // change to short type
    ae->processReplacing (inputs, outputs, sampleFrames);

But the out file I got was diffrent with the original file.The output is very  strange. What have been done before this func?

PS : I use the Adobe Audition 3 as the host.