What is the GIT url for the 'modules' branch

What is the link to the real latest tip, not this one:
git clone --depth 1 git://juce.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/juce/juce

We and probably others am/are not using the IntroJucer and we are not planning to do so.
Why is the latest tip hidden like this, i would like to be able to follow the latest commits and see if something comes by that is of interest to us. Fixed bugs etc.

EDIT: I just found the shortlog for the modules branch at the end of the page. But it seems to me the modules branch now actually seems the master branch.
Jules, what is your plan with the ‘modules’ branch, will you merge and make that the ‘master’ branch, i would like to know how you think we should use it in the future, it is unclear to me now.

I created a new branch as somewhere to make the very big changes I needed to do when re-organising everything. It’s getting quite stable now, and I’ll soon turn it into the new master branch, and then it’ll be the next “official” release.



I was against the introjucer like you, but now i’m using it, and it IS a big help for managing my portable Projects.

Ok Jules, thanx for clearing that up. Will the ‘official’ branch be usable like before or do would we need the IntroJucer to create project files?

Well i’m not against the IntroJucer but we just don’t need it, i don’t like to changes things if there is no need for it.

It’ll be usable of course, but there’ll be more files to add to your project.


I was used to go here to download latest juce tip :
But there isn’t anymore the “snapshot” button that allow to download.
So how can I download now straight from the web browser ? Maybe it’s time for me to use a git software ?
Which one ?



That snapshot thing was with SVN or CVS wasn’t it?

http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/downloads/list is what I’d say most people on windows use.

Just run the Git Bash shortcut after it installs, cd into a directory and enter

(This will make a folder called “juce” as well)

That downloads for a while, then


Now you should have the modules branch in that directory.

I’m not a git expert but I think you just need to execute

within your juce folder to get the latest code then. (I hope thats what I’ve been doing :P)