What is the level of C++0x support on Juce platforms?

What is the level of available C++0x support for each of the Juce platforms?

Macintosh and Linux use gcc, which supports C++0x.
Visual Studio 2010 for Windows has C++0x features.

Is this right? And the rest?

Compiler: Visual C++
Support: Decent

Mac OS X/iOS
Compiler: GCC 4.2 - GCC 4.2
Support: None
Compiler: GCC 4.2 - LLVM
Support: None
Compiler: Clang - LLVM
Support: Limited

Compiler: GCC 4.6
Support: Decent

Compiler: GCC 4.2.1
Support: None

The Final Draft International Standard of C++0x was approved. C++0x should become C++ 2011 once it is published this summer.

This is a joke right? Apple charges for XCode but doesn’t include the latest gcc ???

Apple doesn’t like GCC because it is GPLv3.
Xcode support will be forever frozen at GCC 4.2. Apple is no longer fixing bugs in GCC.
Apple is funding development of Clang and LLVM. This allows them to better integrate the compiler with Xcode without they pesky hassle of open sourcing Xcode had they tried to do this with GCC.

And no, they don’t charge for Xcode.

The only way to get Xcode 4 is to pay Apple some sort of fee.

There are three options:

  1. Buy it off the mac app store for $4.99
  2. Join the Mac OS X developer program for $99/year and get Xcode 4 for “free”
  3. Join the iOS developer program for $99/year and get Xcode 4 for “free”

Whether they’ll include it for free on the OS X 10.7 CD remains to be seen.

So with these facts, things are nicely ambiguous enough for people to argue whether or not they charge for Xcode 4.

Huh, that’s new then. It’s not because it’s pre-release, is it?

Anyway, $5 for anyone who makes any money at all from programming, or being able to program is tantamount to free, if you ask me. But it is a bit cheesy.


Well, if it was decent, I would agree with you, but $5 is just an hassle (you have to fire up your credit card and subsribe to their f*cking rules, and if you’re like me (French), you need to call your bank because Apple is not like any other vendor, they are “opening an account”, instead of usual one-shot payment). I’m not even trying to justify all the burden if you want to be refund by your company. So, no, $5 is too much or not enough, but it’s stupid move from Apple.


I paid the £2.99 and thought nothing of it. I continued to think nothing of it after I realised that my £69 development membership entitles me to it for ‘free’ anyway. Compared to the price of VS, it’s nothing. I certainly wouldn’t consider the hoops involved for payment (which, for me, were none, as I already give apple money) as part of the cost burden! It’s crazy to be wound up by that!

The actual annoying thing is that minor updates require a 4.5Gb download. That’s very frustrating.

Is anyone out there getting their feet wet with C++0x by using some features?

C++11 support in the new LLVM 3.0 compiler in XCode 4.2 is pretty good, and I’ve been using it with no problems.

I’ve been able to compile a trivial JUCE project with it without any issues too. It remains to be seen if there are compiler-induced bugs lurking under the surface but on the first pass it seems ok.

Sorry for continuing little OT but maybe someone would like to consider other paid programs from Apple.

Well, we tried to join to the Mac Developer Program (99$/year is not a big problem) and it seems that the problems you can meet with getting XCode from AppStore are nothing comparing to that.
In short we are currently on that stage of the enrolment where they want us to send them “notarized or solicitor certified English translation” of our company documents :slight_smile:

So if you thought about it be prepared to the highest Apple-bureaucracy. Make sure that you are really you, prove that your company is yours, that your being is human being and your body is solid.
And the most important!!! Please prepare the statement that XCode you want to pay for is something you really and ardently need to live.

All the rest is piece of cake.