What should I put in License.txt file for my commercial release? What did you do?


I'm soon to release for public beta my software developed with Juce (as soon as I can afford to pay the Juce closed-source release license :) ), and am now wrapping up the installer, etc.

I've tried finding a good license agreement text to put in my License.txt file that users click through when they install, but I cannot seem to find a mention of a copyright-free one.

I imagine I cannot just copy a text from another program and modify it :) Nor can I affort to hire a lawyer to write me a new one...

Where would you advise I look for one? What have you done?


Turns out I was just using the wrong search term, entering EULA into google gave this result, a free EULA generator:


For the sake of future readers of this post :)

...I'm still curious to see what tips you may have but this at least gave me one text to work with!