What's JUCE's style regarding enums in template classes?

dsp::Oversampling is a templated class that has a FilterType enum defined with in.
When using it one has to specify oversampling (1, 2, dsp::Oversampling<double>::filterHalfBandPolyphaseIIR).

I have a peeve about the dsp::Oversampling<double>::filterHalfBandPolyphaseIIR part - should it be of a different type from dsp::Oversampling<float>::filterHalfBandPolyphaseIIR?? It’s the exact same enum…

I didn’t see anything explicitly stated about declaring enums in templated classes in the JUCE coding standards document, but I wonder what’s your take on this? In my code I try to keep the templated parts to the necessary minimum, and sometimes defining a base class for the common parts of the templated class.