Whats your opinion on CMajor?

From personal and/or industry perspective…
Im really curious since I havent seen any discussion about it around here :slight_smile:

Talking from a single dev companies point of view;:
Faust, Soul & CMajor : they are all systems that in a way distance you from actually handling the audio all yourself imho.
The hard thing about audio programming is the surroundings: thank god we have JUCE for coping with the porting from platform to platform, from plugin type to plugin type
But: building filters is fun! building your own (little) audio framework is fun!
Further a toolset like Cmajor feels biased towards the timedomain. As soon as you introduce analysis hops ( with FFT’s) the seamingly clean syntax will cluther up considerably.
Good thing about Cmajor is the oversampling using sinc, which is professional.
But the overhead in plugin design for me is not the DSPing itself: it is conceptualising, user interaction design & graphic design.
The real hard DSP stuff is also not solved by using higher level toolsets: it si solved by understanding what is going on at the lowest level. And there you have to study the books and experiment.