When are Topics Marked as Read?

I may be being dense here but does anyone know what logic marks a post or thread as ‘read’?

I typically read every post on the forum so have the “Latest” view open which presumably shows every new post.

When I click on a post it takes me directly to the first unread one in a thread. Great!

Now if I press the back button, sometimes that post fades to grey, sometimes not.
It feels like I need to be reading a post for about 5 seconds for this to trigger.
I know there’s a faint yellow line in the last post which fades after a few seconds. Is this it?

What happens if there’s several unread posts? How do I mark all of these as ‘read’?

This may seem like a bit of a strange question but I keeping having to go back into threads and then back out just to clear them. That’s a bit of a waste.
I can often read a response in a second or two so having to stay on a page for several seconds is a bit annoying.

If anything, we’ve been noticing the opposite, that posts can get marked as read sometimes when we haven’t actually opened them. Haven’t quite pinned down the circumstances when that happens yet though.

Its 4 seconds by default I think. You can change it in your preferences - see “automatically track topics I enter”.

What you can’t do is mark everything read - so if someone resurrects an old topic from before the change over it won’t show up in new or unread, you have to notice it in latest.

Are you sure, this is “4 minutes” by default and I thought that referred to “tracking” a topic which as far as I understand means receive emails and notifications when someone posts something new?

Yes, you can mark everything as read, if you go to the “unread” page, it has a button at the bottom to clear the list

Seconds, minutes - what’s the difference? :blush:

I’m a bit OCD and like to read all the posts, so automatically tracking everything seems to be the best way to do it. That way if there’s an update to a topic, it will show in “Unread” instead of being buried somewhere in “Latest”.

Tracking doesn’t mean you receive emails for all updates unless you tick the preference “Send me an email for every new post (unless I mute the topic or category)”. Incidentally, if you do that it will warn you with an estimate of how many emails per day you could expect.

That only works for tracked/watched topics. Topics which were created before the change to discourse (and which have not had a reply since then) aren’t tracked unless you actually go in and read them. So if someone updates one of these, then it won’t show up in “New” or “Unread” and they can be quite easy to miss in the “Latest” feed.

So when I say I want to mark all as read, I think I actually mean I want to mark all the old posts as tracked.