When everything goes wrong

… there is no option to prevent the host from crashing: juce::AudioProcessor* JUCE_CALLTYPE createPluginFilter() can’t return a nullptr, it also can’t throw an error, so what should happen?

I guess you could deactivate everything in the plugin’s audio processing and make the GUI editor display an error message. If you have completely unrecoverable errors in the AudioProcessor constructor, you might need to look into avoiding that somehow. (Are you throwing a C++ exception in your AudioProcessor constructor…? If you are, don’t. Handle the error in some other way.)


I have created an ErrorAudioProcessor class that does literally nothing and whose editor is a single Label with red background and an error message in white.
I return an instance of that from my createPluginFileter() in case there is an unrecoverable error during the creation of my regular plug-in.


Thanks for the considerations!