Where can find the Parent class?

Hi all,

I’ve tried some tutorials.
But I’m curious about the location of Parent class.
class MainContentComponent : public Component

I wanna check the location of the class Component.

Is it possible in the …\JUCE\modules\juce_gui_basics\components\juce_Component.h?


Sorry, struggling to understand your question…

Yes, of course the Component class is defined in juce_Component.h, but why are you posting here to ask that, rather than just looking in the file yourself?

Sorry. I’m a newbie.
Because I took some time to find out the juce_Component.h.
Thank you.

Use your IDE:
In XCode simply hold CMD and click the “Component” text and it will show you the definition.
In VisualStudio right-click “Component” and select “go to Declaration” (or Definition? not sure if they distinguish there, I am not often on Windows).
On Linux there are too many options, but most of them have a similar feature too…

Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your help.
That’s really helpful.