Where do i find projucer.exe again?

my laptop broke and i have to install everything on my computer now. currently stuck on not knowing how to open jucer-files again, but this time because i actually can’t find projucer.exe. hope it won’t take a whole day to set everything up again. it’s annoying enough that i lost all my projects.

edit: sry for coming off angry. i’m just angry at myself. please help me!

edit: and yes, i have the most recent develop-branch.

You can get a pre-built one here, or you could go to extras/Projucer/Builds in the copy of the repo you already have, open the appropriate pre-generated project for your platform, and build your own copy of the Projucer.

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thanks for helping me.

ofc i could just take your prebuild exe-file, but i want to understand what i’m missing so if i ever run into this problem again (which is hopefully not the case because i feel like i’m dying right now) i don’t have to ask around again. this is what the folder contains right now and i expected the exe-file to be in it

edit: also the downloaded version looks the same.

ok this is solved. i just learned from this dude that sln-files are meant to create exe-files that are meant to set things up for a development-framework or so… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ8GfZbFkYM

btw little feature request: maybe put this information into the projucer-tutorial. the projucer-tutorials expects the projucer to start, but someone who is just setting everything up literally can’t know that the projucer itself doesn’t exist from the start. i even forgot this detail

That’s a VS detail. The sln (read solution) is a wrapper around potentially multiple vcproj project files.
Both will open on double click in explorer, sln or vcproj. If there is no sln file for a vcproj, it will be automatically created.

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The readme on the JUCE repo contains this information:

The repository doesn’t contain a pre-built Projucer so you will need to build it for your platform - Xcode, Visual Studio and Linux Makefile projects are located in extras/Projucer/Builds (the minumum system requirements are listed in the System Requirements section below). The Projucer can then be used to create new JUCE projects, view tutorials and run examples.