Where do the messages to Logger::getCurrentLogger()->writeToLog go to?

I’m doing the SimpleSynthNoiseTutorial, and in it are messages such as:

    void prepareToPlay (int samplesPerBlockExpected, double sampleRate) override
        String message;
        message << "Preparing to play audio...\n";
        message << " samplesPerBlockExpected = " << samplesPerBlockExpected << "\n";
        message << " sampleRate = " << sampleRate;
        Logger::getCurrentLogger()->writeToLog (message);

This is probably a stupid question, or obvious, but forgive me: where are these text messages going and how do I see them? Thanks!

If there’s no Logger currently set then the messages will be written to the standard error stream using Logger::outputDebugString(). Where this ends up will depend on your platform and IDE but on macOS using Xcode for example, it’ll be written to the console in the bottom-right of the app.

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Thank you!