Where exactly is this BigInteger in getNextAudioBlock()?

“In the getNextAudioBlock() function we obtain BigInteger objects that represent the list of active input and output channels as a bitmask. In these BigInteger objects the channels are represented by a 0 (inactive) or 1 (active) in the bits comprising the BigInteger value.”

These calls get the BigIntegers :

auto activeInputChannels  = device->getActiveInputChannels();
auto activeOutputChannels = device->getActiveOutputChannels();

// equivalent code would be :

BigInteger activeInputChannels  = device->getActiveInputChannels();
BigInteger activeOutputChannels = device->getActiveOutputChannels();

There has been some discussion in the forum about the use of “auto” in Juce code. A case could be made to mostly avoid it in tutorial code, to avoid confusion.



But a case could be made to use auto: if the API changes, the tutorial is still correct. :wink:

(I know, the explaining text would still be wrong…)