Where is my icon?

I am not sure this is related to JUCE but maybe…

My GUI is a floating desktop window that is opened from my VST plugin proxy. I put this in the RC file (Windows version):


And in the past I saw the icon when I pressed alt tab to switch between windows and in the task bar. This was with JUCE 1.8

Now I am working with JUCE 1.18 and instead of my icon I see the host icon. I cheked and the icon is still inside the DLL, nothing was changed in the RC file.

My window is derived from DialogWindow.

Is it because something changed in JUCE? Any other idea?


The icon gets loaded in createWindowCallback() in juce_win32_Windowing.cpp

It’s supposed to load the icon from the current module to make sure it picks up the correct one - have you maybe hacked the vst wrapper and not made it tell juce about the hmodule when it initialises the VST?

I am not using the wrapper but it solved the problem. It seems that the set instance thing was gone by mistake when I switched to the new JUCE init functions.

Now I am just waiting for the Mac fix of the minimize and hide stuff and I can release my cross platform VST logger!


cool. I’ll hopefully get a new release out in the next few days.