Where to begin



In my search for a good C++ framework for developing cross-plattform applications, JUCE caught my attention.


Now I want to use it, but I have massive trouble using it. I want to make a very basic GUI-application but I have no clue how to add

controls to a window or anything else really and I can't find any tutorials on these things.


I am a moderately experienced programmer, so code samples would be fine, but do I really have to read the entire API-Reference before I can

start understanding things? How do I learn this framework?


Kind regards


I got the "Getting Started with JUCE" book, which helped get me started. Its quite thin, but useful to go through all the examples. It helps mainly with the GUI setup. Would be nice if there was an online tutorial like that too. 

I would say understanding Components is the core of JUCE. 

If you don't have a lot of experience with C++, its well worth the time to get a good book or go through some tutorials on that. C++11 has some nice features that aren't used in JUCE due to compiler compatibility issues. Also look at ScopedPointer, ReferenceCountedObject etc, they are also key parts of JUCE. 

Have patience, its taken me a while to get a basic understanding, enough to build a simple audio processing app, but I've still got a lot to learn. 


I do agree that, when it comes to JUCE there are not so much resources available. Specially for someone who wants to just start learning it. Below are the list of things which I found useful while I was trying to learn JUCE:

1) Juce demo project, which you can find under JUCE-OSX/examples folder when you download the package. It contains almost everything you need UI-wise.

2) The book http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Started-JUCE-Martin-Robinson/dp/1783283319 is also a good starting point.

3) http://lubyk.org/en/software/mimas/document171.pdf