Why does my component vanish after a fadeIn?

With this at the end of a ctor . .

The component fades in, but then vanishes at the end of the fade until I resize the window and then it reappears. How do I stop it vanishing?

Well, it probably has the wrong bounds for some reason?

I can’t see how. With the fade line commented out, it appears in the correct position. With the fade set, it fades in to the correct place, then vanishes. A bounds problem would be odd

How are you adding the component to it’s parent? Fading in a component from within it’s own constructor seems like it might have something to do with it.

It is all very standard “JUCE Demo” style, where the child is a ScopedPointer tied to the parent’s lifecycle, added with AddAndMakeVisible and then sized in the resized() method in the parent.

As a side note, I have no problem animating the component position from the parent’s resized method, but fading from within the parent’s resized method does nothing. I’m obviously doing something fishy, but I can’t see what!