Why doesn't dsp::AudioBlock provide safe single sample access?


I’m trying to use the new dsp::AudioBlock, but I’m missing the getSample/setSample methods (which are available in the “old” AudioBuffer). Any good reason why they aren’t available? From my perspective it would be great to add them so I can access memory safely through these methods, rather than having to get the raw pointers and then use them.


No particular reason… I guess we could add them!

I think it probably just got overlooked since most people will tend to grab a pointer and iterate over it to avoid the overhead of each get/set call.

Great. I believe the extra pointer+offset calculations and functions calls would usually be negligible if not zero due to compiler optimization, and I’d gladly pay that to have jasserts catching bugs in debug builds.

Yes, fair point, the compiler could …probably… figure out that it can remove them if the calls get inlined!