Why is autoOpenMidiDevices disabled for Windows?

I have found that the StandaloneFilterWindow can be specified to activate my midi devices without having to go to the device manager over and over again.

However, I am surprised that only for IOS and Android is it activated

    StandalonePluginHolder (PropertySet* settingsToUse,
                            bool takeOwnershipOfSettings = true,
                            const String& preferredDefaultDeviceName = String(),
                            const AudioDeviceManager::AudioDeviceSetup* preferredSetupOptions = nullptr,
                            const Array<PluginInOuts>& channels = Array<PluginInOuts>(),
                           #if JUCE_ANDROID || JUCE_IOS
                            bool shouldAutoOpenMidiDevices = true
                            bool shouldAutoOpenMidiDevices = false

On the other hand, in the documentation it does appear as true by default


Since I set it to true I never have to manually enable my keyboards again so there is no way I am ever going to disable this for whatever reason. but I would prefer to do it officially through Projucer, if only so that it is active in Debug mode, in any case I want to report it, I don’t know if it is a small bug, otherwise I am curious to know why it is disabled for Windows.

This is probably because windows doesn’t have multi-client MIDI drivers, so if your app opens all of them at launch then no other app can use them. tbh though, i’m not sure why this isn’t enabled for Mac aswell, so really it should be false for windows and true for everything else.

If the reason is that unwanted devices are not enabled, it does not seem like a sufficient reason to me. In my search for a solution I saw many people on this forum with similar issues. One of them proposed that the devices should not be enabled by the user, but those that were unwanted should be disabled. That is, the selector should not be “Active MIDI inputs” but, “Disable MIDI inputs”

Well, in any case, I got sick of accessing Audio/Midi settings to activate the keyboard and luckily this ordeal is over, now it is even activated automatically when I turn on the controller with the application running, this was not expected, but now it is perfect since I usually turn it on and off occasionally.