Why is glBlitFramebuffer() missing in OpenGLExtensionFunctions?

Subject says all, I cannot use glBlitFramebuffer() on Windows, on macOS I can just call it directly without going through the Juce extension.


It’s missing because Windows doesn’t occupy itself too much with integrating all of the OpenGL functions. This is really the driver manufacturer’s job.

On macOS, Apple conveniently supplies all of the GL headers and libs easily because, well, they like their little walled garden. It’s a similar situation on Linux, except there’s a form of folder abstraction to access the right headers and libs to link to.

Unfortunately, JUCE’s OpenGLExtensionFunctions is lacking, and basically collecting dust. I’ve had a similar set of issues as you, where many (!) functions are missing. And so I made this FR: FR: Wrangle a comprehensive set of OpenGL functions & macros

Thanks Joël. Porting a Juce app from macOs to Windows seems to be a reliable source of frustrations.

I know it’s just semantics, because JUCE is cross-platform, but what exactly needs to be ported that juce isn’t handling for you automatically?

What do you mean? This isn’t an issue of porting.

@jrlanglois I’m asking about this post