(Why) is Graphics::ResamplingQuality ignored for OpenGL-backed rendering?

juce_OpenGLGraphicsContext.cpp:1677 contains the following code:

    template <typename IteratorType>
    void renderImageTransformed (IteratorType& iter, const Image& src, int alpha,
                                 const AffineTransform& trans, Graphics::ResamplingQuality, bool tiledFill) const
        state->setShaderForTiledImageFill (state->cachedImageList->getTextureFor (src), trans, 0, nullptr, tiledFill);

        state->shaderQuadQueue.add (iter, PixelARGB ((uint8) alpha, (uint8) alpha, (uint8) alpha, (uint8) alpha));

        state->currentShader.clearShader (state->shaderQuadQueue);

Clearly the Graphics::ResamplingQuality parameter is ignored. Why? Shouldn’t be too hard to change the tex params based on some switch statement. And what’s the default (GL_LINEAR or GL_NEAREST) right now?

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By default, it’s set to linear (OpenGLContext::setTextureMagnificationFilter).

I’m not exactly sure what you’re expecting though…? That type of filter state is separate from the shader state unless I’m totally misunderstanding something.