Why is the generated VST3 module an alias?

Hi, I’m new here. I’m having a question related to the actual build of the module. It seems that the app is build and works, the VST3 module is listed as a 61 byte alias and the lib is around 3 times larger than the standalone.
I’ve noticed watching the lessons that they seem to directly build the VST3 as it appears in the DAW after launching. My present project is not pointing/using in any way the VST_SDK in any way as its not seen as a requirement in the Projucer setup. Anyway, I’m overlooking something that cannot be found anywhere helas.
MacOS BigSur version 11.2.1 Chip: M1


JUCE embeds the VST3 SDK.

Not sure what you mean by “61 byte alias.” The way the wrapper works is it calls createPluginFilter to create an instance of your plugin embedded into a the VST3 wrapper, which pulls in some of the SDK.

its ‘resolved’ holy-city! its just my brains not realising that the actual file was already part of my DAW at user level. I checked system level.