Why no coloured scrollbars anymore?

You can set the the background colour of scrollbars with ScrollBar::setColour (int colourId, Colour newColour). This works in lookandfeelV1 and V2 but not in V3. The reason is that the line

g.fillAll (scrollbar.findColour (ScrollBar::backgroundColourId))

is missing in LookAndFeel_V3::drawScrollbar. It's the first line in V1 & V2.

Is this an just an omission or a deliberate (aesthetic) decision? I just want to give my scrollbar backgrounds the same colour as their surrounding areas.



A look+feel is free to use or ignore any colour settings that it wants to.. The V3 doesn't do backgrounds, that's just how it rolls! You could always create your own l+f that derives from V3 but also draws any kind of background you want.

Ok, no problem, I just was surprised the background color disappeared when switching to V3. It's by design then.