Why no //[MiscUserDefs] segments allowed in PROJUCER created .h files?


It seems that PROJUCER allows me to add custom //[Headers] header define information in my Projucer created files - but not [MiscUserDefs] - for example for making class forward declares.

Yet in the .cpp. file created by PROJUCER there is a [MiscUserDefs] area before the body code begins ?
Any reason why ? I’d rather not have to put my class forward declares in the //[Headers]. area .


#pragma once

//[Headers]     -- You can add your own extra header files here --
#include "../JuceLibraryCode/JuceHeader.h"
//#include "JuceHeader.h"

#include "MidiDevice.h"

class MidiDeviceListEntry;  // i'd prefer this to go in section //[MiscUserDefs]
class MidiDeviceListBox;   // i'd prefer this to go in section //[MiscUserDefs]


    // code placed here - along with the //[MiscUserDefs] tag comments in a PROJUCER created component header will disappear next time
    // the PROJUCER project is changed and saved and Xcode opened up again


    An auto-generated component, created by the Projucer.

    Describe your class and how it works here!
class MainWindowComponent  : public Component,
                             private Timer,
                             private MidiKeyboardStateListener,
                             private MidiInputCallback,
                             private MessageListener,
                             public ButtonListener