Widgets and controls... create new module?

hi, as i know now how to create my custom graphics for my controls aka Juce´s sliders & FFT vu meters,… and their good friend with the sweet name “LookandFeel” :D, i am wondering if this is not the time to make a module for them, as i will use and update the same files all the time…

i have seen some modules in this sens on github and it looks the best way to distribute my work… what do you think about it ?

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If so, what is the best way to create a "library of controls"´s module for Juce?
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thanks to all… have a great day

! Out of Topic !
just to show off my work , this is all made in vector (without fx or shadows, just linear gradients and plain strokes) and exported as svg files, knobs, background, etc…

it was made last year for VCVrack modules (i did develop some multichannel units on my own) you can check here if you are interested in this topic:

… i try to make it with juce now :slight_smile:

an other pict… just for fun: i did the same device in 3d, to get a vision of what can be an hardware version of the plugin :D: