Will AudioProcessorParameter::sendValueChangedMessageToListeners() remain accessible in the future?

I noticed AudioProcessorParameter::sendValueChangedMessageToListeners (float newValue) is marked @internal although being a public member function.

I actually make use of it for a specific scenario and would like to know if I should worry to do so, especially as the API will naturally evolve, this could be a breaking change.

Bonus question: didn’t take the time to investigate but very curious to know why this method is public but apparently not meant for public use?


You shouldn’t rely on any methods marked @internal as their behaviour (or existence) could change without warning.

There are a few places in the framework where having public methods that are not part of the official API makes the rest of the framework code much cleaner. We try very hard to avoid requiring this.

Understood, thanks for clarifying.

I was about to naively suggest to remove it from documentation then, but figured out there might be a long-time running bug in Doxygen not dealing with the @internal tag properly (https://github.com/doxygen/doxygen/issues/1461).