Will do GUI design for DSP/C++ lessons

Hello there,

I have some programming experience basically doing Kontakt scripts. 
For some time I've been trying to learn C++ and DSP theory using JUCE, but it's being almost a nightmare for me, very steep learning curve. I'm in need of taking lessons with someone that can guide me in this learning process so I can begin to do my own stuff.

In exchange I can offer money or GUI design. 

I've been developing Kontakt libraries for the last 5 years, always did my GUIs and recently learned how to do them in 3D. Here you have some examples: 

See more examples on Wavesfactory.com

If anyone is interested, please send me a PM. 
Thank you!

I'm developing a simple DAW, I don't really know that much DSP. But how much do you charge for your designs? Maybe we could work together some day.  


Saw your thread on trading GUI work for DSP knowledge. I'm about to get my BS EE focused in audio DSP, used to tutor people in higher level classes. I'd be willing to guide you a bit on practical DSP knowledge in exchange for some help working on interactive GUI stuff (I'm an audio DSP guy, not a UX/UI designer). 

Let me know! And if I may ask, what's your math background? DSP's learning curve is a lot less steep if you brush up on algebra, trigonometry and aren't afraid of a little calculus.