Will there be bugfixes to Juce4 after the 5 release?

Or will all bugfixes go into 5, with 4 no longer being maintained?

I do not really care for any of the new features in 5, but some features that do not work properly in 4 even though they are supposed to, I would really like to see fixed.

For example, full multi-touch support on windows.
currently with 4, saying one’s software supports it is not really possible without requiring specific custom development: For example, a right-click event from long press…

While I may likely already guess the answer, it is a question worth asking so that it is clarified!


In previous transitions, the old major version of JUCE has always been abandoned, with bugfixes only (*) being applied to the develop (bleeding edge) branch of the new version.

(*) Starting from v. 4.3.0, critical bugfixes have been also applied to the master branch.

I didn’t know about 4.3, that’s comforting at least!

After making the original post, I realize a bit better why I felt a bit cheated.

I develop a desktop application for WIndows 7/8/10 & OSX. While bugs remain on how my software functions on the windows desktop platform, bugs regarding features that were meant to be included in v4, now with v5 I will not have access to these fixes if they are ever made.

And really, I don’t care about making plugins. Nor do I care about android, ios. So for me, as a developer of desktop software only, JUCE 5 is not a particularly interesting deal, it is just a promise that things I feel I already paid for will be fixed, if only I now pay a bit more…