(It’s all a bit quiet round here at the moment, where is everyone?..)

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone’s tried running juce under win98 recently? I’ve not got a win98 machine to try it on, but someone told me the demo app doesn’t start up properly - anyone else had any problems with it?

Ah, the joy of virtual computers, already have one setup with 98se, give me a few moments…

Did near everything except audio and OpenGL (no 3d accel. on a virtual computer…), everything seemed to work perfect. No transparency on the thing you can drag to desktop, and it looks white, isn’t it supposed to be green? That’s about all I noticed on a quick look through, just it being white and not green.

thanks for trying that - I thought it would be ok, just wanted to check that the problems I heard about weren’t general ones.

Ta very much