Windows 7 tooltip issue with Windows themes

On Windows 7, using the “Basic” theme or “Windows Classic” themes causes GL drawing to be over the top of tooltip contents. This bug is not present in Aero Themes like “Windows 7” which correctly draw the tooltip contents on top of the OpenGL content.

Not really sure why any of our users are using those themes, but I feel obligated to post about it in case there’s a simple fix.

Using the simpler themes frees up a fair amount of system resources on Windows 7. This is why games sometimes ask to switch to those themes on that particular OS version. Also, I believe the Home edition uses the basic theme by default, but don’t quote me on that!

Ah, that makes more sense! Anyone at JUCE know why the openGL drawing might be different?

My guess would be that it’s to do with semi transparent windows, which Windows has always handled in a weird way, but couldn’t say exactly what’s going on there.