Windows 8.1 External Drag & Drop Not Working

For some reason, dragging and dropping external files into a JUCE application is not working for me in Windows 8.1. Even though many HWNDComponentPeer::JuceDropTarget are created, none of its methods get called, therefore ComponentPeer::handleDragDrop() does not get called at all.

Quite bizarre - is anybody else seeing this?

To test, run the JuceDemo, go to "Components: MDI", and D&D juce's README.txt into the application.

This is a major doozy if confirmed.

Not doubting it, but will be too busy this week to fire up my win8 machine and debug it..

Well it works for me! Running the demo in debug mode, compiled w vs2012, dragging arbitrary .txt files to Components: MDI. No problem.

This is fucked: I'm using VS2013, which it turns out must NOT be run as admin. to get external drag and drop working... And it was setup this way by default, it seems (intalled it on an admin account).

Not sure if the other Visual Studios suffer the same thing...

This behaviour is not specific to any program, but it's enforced by user access control in Windows. Windows does not allow you to drag something from an application not running as Administrator to an application running as Administrator.