Windows Build Problems with an Awkward Solution - changed header files in Juce source code

​I got the basic hello world gui example up and running in anticipation of using the projucer on windows.

​I did get it to build but I had to work through a lot of errors to do it.

​Basically  VS2013 was pointing to  'windows kits 8.1' and ended up not being able to find a header file that doesn't exist in that version

​To get it to work I had to:

Add include directories to a previous verison  - 8.0 - include, include/shared, and include/nm

​Add a lib directory /lib/nm

​And the most awkward part - I had to change the include of <windows.h> to <Windows.h> and <winsock2.h> to <WinSock2.h>

We build on all versions of Windows all the time and never had any problems like that.. Which version of Windows is this?

It is windows 7.  I'm using visual studio 2013 and have installed then uninstalled vs2015.

Could be that uninstalling VS2015 took out some important SDK files? I've occasionally seen nasty situations where the order of installing/uninstalling/reinstalling VS versions can mess up its SDKs.