Windows Certification fail - DPI Awareness warning solution

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Topic was:

If you see this, this is how i stopped it from being rejected during certification with the DPI awareness warning

I had to put some code in to make their certification THINK i was doing it in the program.

Im not sure how juce does it (I know nothing about juce, i am visual studio/C#/VB) , but here is the vb code to do it.

in the public section, put this:

Declare Auto Function SetProcessDpiAwarenessContext Lib “user32.dll” (
) As Boolean

Dim test As Boolean = True
test = SetProcessDpiAwarenessContext(0)

this forces the certifcation to think you are doing DPI in the code (even though im not). but it got it through certification.

it appears to be a bug with them, even though i properly set it up in the manifest and app.config, it didnt see it. (The program did, it did the DPI stuff when i run it locally).

so try that, let me know how it goes.



Thanks for the suggestion Karl: I’ll try something similar (albeit in C++), and will let you know if it works!


Hi Karl!

Many thanks for that suggestion - I adopted it for C++, and have posted my solution here for the wider world to find!

Best to all, Pete